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Vacaspatimisra’s Tattvasamiksa : The Earliest Commentary On Mandanamisra’s Brahmasiddhi

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Diwakar Acharya

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The Tattvasamiksa, Vacaspatimisra s commentary on Mandanamisra s Brahmasiddhi, has been lost for a long time. Now this work was rediscovered in the National Archives of Kathmandu and is published in the Nepal Research Centre series.
The author of the Vacaspatimisra is the most influential thinker of Advaita Vedanta after Sankara, who successfully established an independent school of interpretation within Sankara s school.
The edition comes with a detailed introduction, including a summary of the text. It offers new evidence essential in preparing a relative chronology of Vacaspati and other Indian philosophers. It suggests a chronology of Vacaspati s works, lists and analyses all references to the Tattvasamiksa found in other texts.
It also examines how Vacaspati was influenced by his predecessors and how he influenced other commentators of the Brahmasiddhi. Furthermore, it studies the language and style of Vacaspati, particularly his analytic method and his views on theories of error.
Remarks on the testimonia, a critical apparatus and editorial methods of the reconstitution of this text conclude the volume.

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