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Welcome to Vajra Books! We pride ourselves on providing an extensive selection of books, catering to both casual readers and academics alike, all offered at competitive prices. Delve into our diverse collection focusing on Himalayan studies, encompassing various subjects such as art, religion, cuisine, and indigenous cultures. Additionally, we offer literature on outdoor activities like trekking, rafting, mountaineering, and wildlife exploration.

“The thing about Bidur Dangol, the propeiter, is that somehow he has a nose for what is important. That little bookstore of his has the best collection of Buddhist material in the Valley; both for practitioners and scholars. Then he is publishing a remarkable series of books – many of which will only become more and more important as the years pass. Finally, whenever I go to the Vajra Book Store, I almost always meet someone interesting.” – Henry M. Vyner, M.D, Author of Healthy Mind Interview Series

“Kathmandu’s English language book stores have long been one of its main attractions for visitors. When Bidur Dangol started Vajra books and Vajra Publications in 2004, he was already one of the most experienced booksellers in Nepal, and he has now been involved in the book trade for more than thirty years. His experience and ability to supply customers with just what they need has made Vajra Books an essential stop for anyone looking for books about Nepal, Tibet, Buddhism and the Himalayas. Whether you are interested in the most specialist of academic tomes, historical accounts, quality fiction or even guidebooks on the region, you are sure to be able to find what you are looking for at Vajra.

Vajra not only sells books but publishes them as well. In its relatively brief existence, Vajra Publications has brought out more than 200 titles on all aspects of Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas. Authors whose work may be too specialised for other publishers are always welcome to present their ideas to Bidur.

But Vajra is more than just a book store and a publisher. “The remarkable thing about this place,” someone remarked to me once in Vajra, “is that if you buy a book here, you are likely to meet the author as well.” Nepali journalists and academics drop in regularly, as do experts from abroad in everything from economic development to Buddhism”.

– Scott Berry, Author of From Goddess to Mortal: The True Life story of Former Royal Kumari

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