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Flowers in Cupped Hands for Siva- A Critical Edition of the Sambhupuspanjali, A Seventeenth-Century Manual of Private Worship by Saundaranatha

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A critical edition of the Sambhupuspanjali, a seventeenth-century manual of private worship by Saundaranatha

edited by Deviprasad Mishra with the help of the late S. Sambandha_iv_c_rya and with an introduction by Dominic Goodall

Publisher Institut Fran?ais de Pondich?ry

ISBN 978-81-8470-236-1


The _ambhupu_p_?jali is a seventeenth-century manual in 824 Sanskrit verses, with some prose, that describes the worship of _iva, not in a temple, but in a South Indian domestic context. It is full of quotations from scriptures and manuals of the _aivasiddh_nta, notably those of Soma_ambhu (C11th), Aghora_iva (C12th) and Vedaj?_na (C16th). About the author, Saundaran_tha, we can deduce little other than his provenance, for he tells us that he also wrote a manual, now lost, about the worship of _ivas_rya (_iva as the sun) in Ma_iprav__am, a mixture of Sanskrit vocabulary and Tamil inflections and syntax, a literary idiom usually associated today with Vai__ava commentarial works. Several features of his Sanskrit style also reveal the influence of Tamil. The introduction presents the work and gives a detailed synopsis of its structure.

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