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The Magical Monkey of Swayambhu | The Legend of Machig (BOX SET)

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Luke Davis



The Magical Monkey of Swayambhu tells a story of a brave monkey, Machig, who is advised by a Lama to go on a journey to find the medicine that might heal Machig’s ailing mother. Each being he encounters on his journey shares their own teachings and helps the monkey along his path complete with white-water rapids, wild buffalo, elephants, crocodiles and wise teachers. At the end of the story, the monkey gives his own teachings on what he learned from the journey – courage, compassion, interdependence, and the will to never give up.

“I thoroughly enjoyed The Legend of Machig. In Luke Davis’s capable hands Machig the Monkey comes to life as a delightful and magical supernatural reimagining of a timeless tale about love and hate and greed and sacrifice and connectivity. This is a story that will ignite the inner-child in all of us”

– Alec Sokolow, Writer “Toy Story”

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