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Sathi : The Street Dog from Kathmandu

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ISBN 9789937624107


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On a crisp cool morning in Kathmandu, Nepal a young street dog named Sathi prepares for her first Kukur Tihar, a festival celebrated annually by Nepalese people in the autumn, commemorating the loyal and compassionate relationship between humans and dogs. After going to the festival with some of her friends, Sathi is badly hurt and ends up in the clinic at one of the animal welfare organizations in Kathmandu. Sathi befriends a number of other street dogs at the rescue treatment center, each with their own story. We learn about the difficulties that they face each day trying to survive on the streets of Kathmandu. Then something happens which ends up changing Sathi?s life forever.The book is based on a true story of a real street dog from Kathmandu who is now living in Toronto, Canada.

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