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The Birds of the Bagmati and Taudaha Area, 2003-2016

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Arend Van Riessen

ISBN 9789937028332


Does the Kathmandu valley have a beach and gulls? Are house Crows waiting for Godot or for the Booted Eagle? Why did Taudaha?s cormorants increase at the same time as Pharping?s Buddhist monasteries? Which birds you only see when you stay home? How do bird species trends reflect the local environmental changes? Why the Black Redstart refuses to stay longer than a few days at a time in the Kathmandu Valley? And did the Alexandrine parakeet conquer the Kathmandu Valley like Prithvi Narayan Shah or through a Trojan horse?

To find out, you just roam for 13 years around the fields, gorges, rivers and wooded streams of the Bagmati and Taudha area. And you will also find an amazing number of bird species, some new to Kathmandu Valley, plus their stories, seasonal patterns, and 13-year trends. But be quick, because this area just outside the Ring Road is being gobbled up by Kathmandu?s need for houses, picnic spots, pollution, highways and dry ports. Or otherwise, stay at home and explore this book. Arend van Riessen does not only explain why he keeps in his own photos while his friends? photos are so much better, he also throws loads of data, stories, charts, insights, hypotheses, maps and photos at the reader. It is for all nature lovers, birders, ornithologists, normal people and conservationists. Enjoy it, use it!

Feedbacks about the Book

It really is a most impressive piece of work. I am sure it is the only long term study of birds in a specific area in Nepal and perhaps also in the Indian subcontinent, certainly the most detailed long term study of birds in an area in the subcontinent –  Carol Inskipp, Leading expert on the birds of southern Asia

An Important and detailed document on the statud of birds in the kathmandy valley that informs Nepals birdwatchers and is a basis for university students and oyjer ornithologists to conduct further research? –  Narendra Pradhan, CEO of Bird Conservation Nepal

I much enjoyed reading. Very Interesting and useful for both learners and researchers
– Hari Sharan Nepali  Kazi, Founder President of Bird Conservation Nepal

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