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Author: Photographs by Kevin Bubriski , Text by Sienna Craig
Pages: High Quality Fox Fine Textured Paper., pp. 152., B&W Pictures.
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9789937623872
Publisher: Vajra Books
Binding: Hard Bound

Book Blurbs

Much has been philosophized about black and white. It was Eugene Smith (1918-1978) who commenced this working style in a powerful way… Kevin Bubriski shares this sensibility with Smith… It is all about marking places. – Niels Gutschow

In the Indigenous Tibetan world-view, creation does not arise from a void; it happens at the margins, and the ultimate margin is the meeting place of light and dark, the boundary of being and non-being, a quality that is so keenly captured throughout this book… Sometimes, darkness is the best place in which to see the cosmos in its full radiance. – Charles Ramble

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