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Shamanic Solitudes : Ecstasy, Madness and Spirit Possession in the Nepal Himalaya

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Martino Nicoletti

ISBN 9789994664409


n itinerary ? only apparently circular ? furrows the universe of Kulunge R?shamanism in Nepal. A nomadic religion, generated within the space of a double geography that weaves vivid visionary foreshortenings into the flat weft of reality. An extraordinary journey through the principal places composing the universe of shamanic reality: the ?call? by the spirits of the wood. The dreams and initiatic visions; the vocational sickness and flight into the forest ? mandatory steps on the path to obtaining powers; the praxis of healing and funerary rituals, centered on the experience of a ?magic journey? accomplished by crossing different regions of the cosmos; the body?s function and corporeity within the choreutic-musical world of shamanism: a body acting as temple and simulacrum for a divine epiphany. As a frontier between worlds. A vocal and sonorous body capable of starting up the great shamanic machine.

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