Spirituality in the New Age has tended to reflect our technological obsessions. It is, usually, verbose, complicated and complex. The problem with this approach is that it works with the mind, even perhaps the emotions, but does not speak to the essential self. So much modern spiritual literature works to compete in the world with secular and mainstream writing, hence rather than really reaching us it simply presents another theory, another technique, a new form of yoga or meditation. This penchant for novelty may fill a consumer need, but does not necessarily feed the soul.
“Merging with Siva” is a very different sort of book. Its heart is comprised of 365 short sections which can be read in a year, spending around 10 minutes a day. Each section is very easy to read, simple and written in a direct style. It is only throughout the next day as you think over what you have read that you begin to realize the strength of each message. “Merging with Siva” embodies the concept that there is immense power in simplicity. Each section while flowing effortlessly seems to bypass emotions, intellect and body and touch something much deeper. While it may only take 10 minutes to read, one wonders if there is not a lifetime of meaning condensed into each passage. Condensing and distilling–each of these words describe “Merging with Siva.” It is as though through a unique alchemical process the secrets of life have been condensed into simple but poignant and powerful expressions. The beauty of teaching in bite sized packages is the way in which quite complex subjects can be slowly unveiled.

“Merging with Siva” is like building a house, each brick is placed onto another until the whole edifice is revealed. This allows us to contemplate individual concepts which interconnect as the whole picture is unveiled. Accordingly, difficult and complex matters are taught with an ease which would make many school teachers jealous!

I personally find the Self God, which is included at the start of the book very meaningful. I first came across it many, many years ago in a small booklet I found at a second hand store. It was an ecstatic experience as I read what seemed to be like nectar, juice squeezed from the fruit of spiritual experience. This one booklet led me on a journey that culminated in my personal contact with the Himalayan Academy. It is included at the start of “Merging with Siva,” printed in the handwriting of Subramuniyaswami. At first this seems annoying, even a nuisance. It cannot be quickly read or glossed over. Here, then, is the importance and power of the text. As you work to read each work, phrase and paragraph its message and vision begins to unfold. It is a great way to begin your journey through Merging with Siva.

There is so much more in this book that it is hard to summarize. There is, of course, good solid background information on the tradition of Saiva Siddhanta: its theology and practise and certainly more than enough to provide one of the better introductions to Shaivism as a living spiritual tradition. But what makes Merging with Siva so unique is its ability to bring that living tradition within reach of the seeker. It slowly draws the reader into a deep understanding of themselves, the universe and the great “spiritual chain of being” of which we are part. It does so simply, succinctly and yet with great erudition and wisdom.

Merging with Siva is a modest text. There is no new age hype, no outrageous claims, no UFO abductions nor calls to the bizarre or garish. There is a simple and honest presentation of the distilled wisdom of a lifetime and this makes Merging with Siva very rare and quite unique. In my personal collection I consider it one of the most important books I have. Its presentation matches its content. Superb. It is beautifully illustrated, easy on the eye and professionally presented. I commend Merging with Siva to you. Whether you are simply curious or a deep seeker, you will find something of great value here.

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