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Guide to Buddhahood : Being a Standard Manual of Chinese Buddhism

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Author: Timothy Richard

ISBN: 9788130717326

Publisher: Cosmo Publications


In this “Guide to Buddhahood” which the Chinese call Hsuan Fo Pu the reader will actually get Buddhism arranged in a definite and regular order, beginning with the lowest scale of existence and ascending regularly through the different stages of progress till finally Paradise and Buddhahood are attained.
The book contains fifteen chapters which deals with the Steps in departure from evil, Steps in imperfect religious life, Steps in the four states of existence, Steps in the realm of human sphere of existence, Steps in the visible and invisible realms of Brahma, Steps in doing good and suppressing evil, Steps in the growth of Discipline, Steps in the growth of Contemplation, Steps in the growth of Wisdom, Steps in the original {Hinayana} school, Steps in the Union School, Steps in the New {Mahayana } School, Steps in the Complete School, Steps in the Pure Land school, and The Highest attainment of the complete school Buddhahood.

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