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Ground, Path, And Fruition : Teachings of Tsoknyi Rinpoche on Mind and Mind Essence

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Ground, Path, And Fruition : Teachings Of Tsoknyi Rinpoche On Mind And Mind Essence

Tony Duff



Ground, path, and fruition is a type of logic used to understand a whole subject clearly. Here, it is applied to teachings on mind and mind essence from Tsoknyi Rinpoche by Lama Tony Duff to make a complete guide to the higher practices of Essence Mahamudra and the Thorough Cut of Great Completion. The book contains several, complete teachings on these subjects all carefully arranged intoground, path, and fruition presentations. Moreover, the path instructions are extensively presented using the logic of view, meditation, and conduct. Lama Tony has additionally highlighted the special type of instructions,called upadesha or foremost instructions, that form the core teachings of these practices.

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