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Encyclopedia of Early History and Discoveries (Archaeology) 3 volumes

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Edited by Tim Murray

Publisher: Pentagon Press



Encyclopedia of Archaeology: History and Discoveries explores the archaeologists, sites, debates, techniques, methods, and issues that are central to the global practice of archaeology. Three richly illustrated volumes trace the development of the field from the ancient Greeks to the present day. Through detailed tours of major excavation sites from all over the world_Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, Ephesus, Pompeii, the tomb of Tutankhamun_as well as more obscure sites like Brzesc Kujawski in Poland, readers gain an appreciation for the inherent challenges all archeologists share in locating, recovering and making sense of evidence of past human lives.

The Histories and Discoveries volumes profile significant archaeologists, such as the indefatigable Gertrude Bell, an expert on Arab affairs during World War I and Iraq’s director of antiquities in the 1920s. Additional entries ranging from the Dead Sea scrolls and rock art to techniques like dating and remote sensing round out this watershed in the history of archaeology.

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