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History of Iron technology in India (From beginning to pre-modern times)

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Author: Vibha Tripathi


Publisher: Rupa


Presenting a comprehensive history of iron technology in India, this book covers the developments of three and a half millennia, tracing the humble beginnings of iron technology in the chalcolithic age, through the technological revolution in the early centuries of the Common Era. Along the way, it examines the art that emerged from Indian expertise with iron, such as the colossal structures of the iron pillar of Delhi and the finely crafted swords and daggers used by India’s nobility. It demonstrates how the traditional iron industry declined during the era of the Raj, incorporating a first-hand study of traditional iron-workers, the legacy of a glorious past, who are left with an uncertain future.

Iron Technology and Its Legacy in India holistically combines archaeological, literary, metallurgical and ethnographic data to give the reader a glimpse into the long history of evolution and decay of iron technology in India. Containing original material collected by the author over decades, the book is a vital read for all those interested in the unique history of Indian metallurgy.

Science and technology have always been an important part of India’s story, as the substratum of its civilization’s rationality and secular progress, the basic for pre-colonial Indian Ocean global trade, the foundation for building India’s future knowledge society and a key element in projecting Brand India. This volume is part of a multi-volume series on the subject.

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