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Buddhist art in Tibet : A Study of Paintings and Sculpture from 8th to 18th century

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Author: Michael Henss

ISBN: 9788177421224

Publisher: Aditya Prakashan


Michael Henss has studied European art history and classical archaeology at Bonn and Vienna Universities. He now lives in Zurich. Some 30 years ago he moved to Asian and especially Tibetan art and is now an independent scholar. Since 1980 he made over 20 academic excursions to Tibet and has done extensive field studies in the Himalayan countries. Among his book publications are “The cultural Monuments of Tibet 1981 Kalachakra. A Tibetan Initiation Ritual last ed. 2002 and Mustang A Guide Book and Cultural History last ed. 1999 all in German language. After many years of research he is currently completing a two volumes handbook on The cultural Monuments of Tibet. The Central Regions in English. He lectures regularly on Tibetan Buddhist and Asian art and culture, and has published numerous articles in academic journals.

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