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The Bakhshali Manuscript Parts I, II & III

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Author: G.R. Kaye

ISBN: 978-8177420586

Publisher: Aditya Prakashan


Part 1: Introduction. Part 2: The text (includes 42 plates). Part 3: The text re-arranged. In 1881 a mathematical work written on brich-bark was found at Bakhshali near Mardan on the north-west frontier of India. This manuscript was supposed to be of great age and its discovery aroused considerable interest. Part of it was examined by Dr. Hoernle, who published a short account together with a translation of a few of the leaves in 1888. Dr. Hoernle had intended, in due course, to publish a complete edition of the text, but was unable to do so. The present volume gives the complete text.

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