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Anatomy And Physiology Of Yogic Practices : Understanding Of The Yogic Concepts And Physiological Mechanism Of The Yogic Practices

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M.M. Gore

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The first part of the book deals with only that part of the basic anatomy and physiology, which is important in understanding the mechanism of yoga practices. This time a special note, in the form of tips ‘from yoga point of view’, has been added so as to understand various concepts and aphorisms of yoga clearly. The second part of the book describes the traditional technique of asana, pranayama’s, bandhas, mudras, kriyas (cleansing practices), their possible mechanism… This book would help the reader:
(1) To learn the basic structure and various functions of the body.(2) To understand the yogic concepts, the correct technique and the mechanism of the yogic practices as well as their physiological effects on the human body.(3) To know whether we can modify the techniques of these yoga practices with the help of the scientific information about them for better application.(4) To understand the principles of yogic therapy, its application, contra-indication and limitations.(5) To know the scientific aspect of the Aum chanting.

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