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Product ID: 9789937733243
Book Name: Two Illuminated text Collections of Namgyal Monastery : A Study of Early Buddhist Art and Literature in Mustang
Author Name: Christian Luczanits , Markus Viehbeck
Price: USD 50
Vajra Academic, Vol 1

Namgyal Monastery lies at an altitude of 3,850 meters, on a hill west of Lo Möntang, the old capital of the Mustang kingdom, a very remote region in the Nepalese-Tibetan borderlands. While its foundation goes back to earlier times, its fifteenth- century enlargement established it as a thriving Buddhist institution providing a home to a huge number of monks…
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Product ID: 9789937733298
Book Name: Asian Influences on Tibetan Military History between 17th and 20th Centuries
Author Name: S.G. Fitzherbert, Alice Travers
Price: USD 35

Vajra Academic, Vol 2

Military history is a domain in which nationalist or nation-state historical approaches often prevail. However the military institutions and military culture of any nation are also shaped by encounters with external actors, traditions and technologies. Tibetan military history between the 17th and 20th centuries clearly exemplifies this, reflecting an always unique, though ever-changing synthesis of influences and elements, in which older Tibetan traits, structural features, cultural orientations and nomenclatures, were mixed with…

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Book Name: Drenpa's Proclamation : The Rise and Decline of the Bon Religion in Tibet
Author Name: Per Kvaerne, Dan Martin
Price: USD 50

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Drenpa’s Proclamation, dating from the 11th century C.E., is the earliest known coherent account, told from the perspective of the Bon religion, of how and why it came to pass that Buddhism was introduced into Tibet during the Tibetan Empire (a period that ended in 842 C.E.). Bon emerged in the 10th-11th century C.E. in Central Tibet, in the context of the ‘Later Propagation’ of Buddhism in Tibet in the same period,…

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