“This is a fascinating book on a subject that has not previously received concerted academic attention. The editors have done an excellent job in bringing together the recent scholarship on this topic in a collection of 10 essays written by specialists, many of whom have hands-on experience of working with or in the museums under discussion.

With its detailed chapters, ranging from close-focus art historical analysis of Tibetan objects to theorised discussion of the processes of curating in Tibetan/ Himalayan contexts, I think the volume will be greatly appreciated by academics and students of Tibetan Buddhism and of Tibetan and Himalayan history and culture, as well as those in art history and in museum studies. It will also be invaluable for members of the communities where these museums have been created (especially in Nepal and Ladakh).”

Clare Harris, Professor of Visual
Anthropology at the School of Anthropology and Museum
Ethnography, University of Oxford

Contributors: Christian Luczanits, Louise Tythacott, Hans-Werner Klohe, Isabella Cammarota, Agnieszka Helman-Wazny, Monique Filsnoel, Rebecca Bloom, Ziyi Shao, Nelly Rieuf, Emma Martin, Naomi Collick, Karolina Lisowski

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