Claude Bobillier is not all doom and gloom. He gives us inspiring examples of women?s liberation drawn from Nepal, Bangladesh, Morocco, Tunisia, Sahel, Rwanda, West Africa etc. He offers practical steps towards liberation and emancipation of women in the Third World. Bobillier?s vast exposure as a Development Consultant covers many continents and what he writes is based on firsthand experience drawn from his works over the decades and across the world.
– Madhukar SJB Rana*
Nepal?s Former Finance Minister & Developmental Economist*

This book is not an advocacy statement to raise funds for a big national or international NGO! It certainly is a representation of the real voice of the real women living their real daily plights in remote parts of Asia and Africa, in their rural milieu about creating an environment of empathy, understanding and equitable partnership between genders for the betterment of the respective societies as whole. Enlightening!
– Dr. Madhu Prasad Ghimire,
Physician & Public Intellectual *

Claude Bobillier resolves to bring the dialogue centred on real-life happenings, and he succeeds in mapping the socio-economic challenges the women in developing countries are still confronting with weak regulatory and policy provisions. The book interfaces deeply with the facts, figures, analysis and opinion ? and comes out as a refreshing read. In all probability, this shall be used widely for reference and in serious context!
– Atul K Thakur
Journalist & Author

This is a book of compassion and revolt written by a man whose life work was to help people in what then was known as the ?Third World? countries. Unlike some westerners who adapted and came to accept inequalities as amatter of fact, Claude Bobillier never let go of his anger, nor could he be complaisant about the suffering especially of the women he encountered. Written by a good story teller, this is a book that comes from the heart.
– Kathleen Kelley-Laine,
Psychoanalyst, Paris

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