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Unending Auspiciousness : The sutra of the recollection of the noble three jewels with commentaries by ju-mipham taranatha and the author

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Unending Auspiciousness : The Sutra Of The Recollection Of The Noble Three Jewels With Commentaries By Ju Mipham, Taranatha and The Author

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The Sutra of the Recollection of the Noble Three Jewels is a compilation of the Buddha’s teachings called “the recollections”. The recollections are widely used throughout all Buddhist traditions as a way of remembering the Three Jewels and deepening faith in them. This book is a particularly complete collection of everything needed to study, practice, and even translate the Sutra.

The book starts with three chapters of introduction which explain: the origins of the Sutra; the many translation issues raised by the Sutra; and how to study and practise the Sutra. These chapters contain a wealth of material gathered and arranged in one place by the author after years of study of the Sutra. They contain something for everyone. There are discussions of faith and how to arouse it using the Sutra. There are extensive discussions of translation which are a must-read for anyone doing translation work from Tibetan Buddhist texts; they cover important issues of translation that have not been seen in print to date. Then there is helpful guidance on how to study and understand the Sutra. There is also a section on how to access the magic of fundamental reality using the Sutra.

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