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The Yoga of the Matsyendrasaṃhitā A critical edition and annotated translation of chapters 1–13 and 55

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A critical edition and annotated translation of chapters 1 – 13 and 55

Author Csaba Kiss

Publisher Institut Fran?ais de Pondich?ry / Ecole fran?aise d?Extr?me-Orient

ISBN 978-81-8470-239-2


This volume presents the first critical edition, along with an English translation, of the core chapters of a Sanskrit work of perhaps the thirteenth century surviving in five nineteenth-century witnesses: the Matsyendrasa_hit_. The work is useful as a primary source for the history of yoga and the _aiva religions: it reveals important links between the tantric cults of Kubjik_ and Tripur_ and early ha_hayoga. In addition, its frame-story (in chapters 1 and 55) relates a unique version of the yogin Matsyendra?s legend in which his disciple Gorak_a is a Chola king. The edition is bracketed by a detailed introduction and by detailed notes on the constitution of the text, as well as an annotated translation.

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