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As the ninth vehicle of the Nine Ways of Bön, Dzogchen meditation is the most important spiritual practice in the Yungdrung Bön tradition. The Bönpo Kanjur (canon) is classified in four sections: The Series of Sutra (mdo sde), the Series of Myriad Verses (*bum sde), the Series of Tantra (rgyud sde) and the Series of Treasury (mdzod sde).

The last Series, the Series of Treasury, exclusively contains the collection of cycles of Buddhas teaching on Dzogchen, including Jangchup Sem Gabpa Gukor (byang chub sems gab pa dgu skor), Drakpa Korsum (bsgrags pa skor gsum) Zhangzhung Nyengyiid zhung zhung snyan rgyud) and Yetri Thasel (ye khri mtha’ sel).

One of the early great Bönpo Dzogchen masters, Nyachen Lishu Tagring, preached and wrote the Dzogchen Yangtse Longchen as a commentary to the Drakpa Korsum, one of the four major Dzogchen cycles of the Bön tradition. After being concealed for almost three hundred years to avoid royal persecution, this text was rediscovered in 1088 AD in the Khomthing (khom mthing) temple in Lhodrak (Iho brag), southern Tibet, by Zhöton Ngödup Drakpa (gzhod ston ngos grub grags pa), a renowned Tertön (treasure revealer) of both Bönpo and Nyingmapa texts. The lineage of the reading-, teaching-, practice-, and empowerment transmission of this cycle is still alive today.

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