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The Life and Work of Auleshi : Sherpa Buddhist Art and Adept

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Authors: Ngawang Tengye, Hugh R. Downs, Matthew T. Kapstein with translations by Tib Shelf
ISBN: 9789937624350
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Vajra Publications Inc.
Page count: xii, 186pp

The book includes a brief history of Buddhism among the Sherpa, with new information gleaned from Tibetan written sources, the biography of Auleshi (1913-1983), in both Tibetan and annotated English translation, and and a selection of reproductions of his paintings and drawings.


From the Preface

The Sherpa Buddhist monk Ngawang Leksh. (1913– 1983), familiarly known as Auleshi—a name that might be approximated as “Uncle Benedict” in English—occupies a unique place in the history of Buddhism in twentieth century Nepal. At once an accomplished artist and a yogi living always in retreat, he eschewed the trappings of a “Buddhist master” but taught instead through his art and, above all, his personal example. In this, he embodied the ideal of transmitting the Dharma without teaching a word. As we honor the hundred-and-tenth anniversary of his birth, and fortieth since his death, with those who knew him now few, it seems appropriate to make available to all what may be recalled of his life and work.

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