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The Four Lamps from the Oral Transmission of the Great Perfection on Zhangzhung

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The Four Lamps : From The Oral Transmission Of The Great Perfection On Zhangzhung

Translation and Commentary by Jean Luc Achard

Naldjor Institute For Movement and tibetan Yoga



The full title of the text presented in this volume is The Four Lamps of the Arising Mode ( ‘char tshui sgron ma bzhi) referring to the arising mode of the visions of the natural state explained according to four mometnts or Lamps. The notion of Lamps is to be understood here in a particular way, as a clarification associated with a specific theme or idea. The visions of the natural state are collectively known as “the three manifestations” which are displays of sounds ( sgra), lights ( od) and rarys ( zer). The manifestations which arise in this unceasing mode are defined as the natural expression or the dynamism of the non dual emptiness and Clarity of the Base. They are explained here according to the four modalities: 1. their spontaneous abiding on the Base of the natural state, 2. their arising due to temporary causes or circumstances 3. their arising during the practice of the Path, and 4. their arising at the time of the Bardo.-

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