One of the greatest ancient texts of yoga is the yoga sutras of patanjali here in this book the focus is on the centrepiece of patanjalis work known as ashtanga, the eight limbs of yoga the ashtanga system is articulated in the sadhana pada it provides a blue-print for living a conscious life, engendering personal transformation and ultimately experiencing self-realization it is not the only system in yoga there are many different pathways and techniques in this sacred science the limbs do, however, give us great guidance and insight into the heart of yogic practice and philosophy, while offering us the opportunity to grow, heal and thrive they are synergistic and as we weave them into our lives there arises a tapestry of spiritual awakening patanjalis ashtanga provides a proven and time-tested pathway for this self-extraction, like a prescription from the divine for what ails us in body, mind and sou in exploring the eight limbs of yoga, the author delves into how relevant this ancient system is for our modern times and provides observations and most importantly, practices to help you embody, live and benefit from this wisdom the author provides both a modern perspective on the sutras and a series of practices to bring them into your everyday life

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