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Sri Bagalatattva Prakasika : An Authoritative tantra of Sri banglamukhi the brahmastra mahavidy descriving her on the basis of vedas upanishad puranas sri durga saptasati and tantras along with he

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Sri Bagalatattva Prakasika : An authoritative tantra of sri bagalamukhi the Brahmastra Mahavidy, descriving her on the basis of Vedas, Upanishad, Puranas, Sri Durga saptasati and Tantras along with her worship rituals, mantras and hymns



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Beyond the limits of time when there was not even time at all, there was only one and you may call him Siva or Visnu, he was enlightened by his divine throb vibrating within him. When he wanted to create this world, his divine throb made him a living being. As he was made living being, his throb known as the Mahaciti became Citta of him. This entire exercise is not merely a myth but is the story of origin of this creation, which may either be called as big-bang.

This transformation of Mahaciti as Citta is not an incidental activity but is the effect of great weapon called as Brahmastra. Being known to the world as Parabhattarika Bhagavati Sri Bagalamukhi, she only is Brahmastra. It is not an imagination of any devotee, it is what Vedas, Puranas and Tantras say.

Such a great Deity had merely been considered as the Goddess who can make one win the cases and defeat the enemy.

When nine chapters of the book, which are none other than nine stairs out of ten which take the seeker to the thrown of her (Sri Devi Bhagavat-12.12.11) are adopted with full devotion and when the tenth step which is grace of Guru is attained, seeker would become eligible to climb on the thrown to attain the moksa which is to unify with Goddess Parabhattarika Bhagavati Sri Bagalamukhi.

Sri Bagalattva Prakasika is a detailed study of philosophical aspects of Sri Bagalamukhi as mentioned in Vedas, Upanisadas, Puranas, Sri Durga Saptasati and Tantra along with worship aspects of her by the help of various worship rituals, hymns and Mantras. This will certainly be useful for those who actually want to know who is Parabhattarika Bhagavati Sri Bagalamukhi.

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