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Schamanismus und Tibetischer Buddhismus in Wechselbeziehung (Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism Interrelated)

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Language: German
Author: Hartmut Zimolong
Publisher: Garuda Verlag
ISBN: 9783906139456
Binding: Hardcover

439 pages, approx. 260 colored illustrations, Schongau 2023
Available in German Language only.


Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism in Interrelationship
‘Shamanistic’ in the ‘ Ghale’ and the  Kuke -speaking region of the Nepalese Himalayas, with special consideration of the shaman drum  nga

Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism in Interrelationship is a long-term study of areas in the Nepali Himalayas that have so far hardly been ethnographically researched. Hartmut Zimolong examines the complex interconnections between the shamanic practice of local ritual specialists and Nyingmapa Lamaism. Of central importance is the detailed analysis of the common ritual life cycle of the Barpak master Raj Bahadur Gondane Gurung and his drums, from the ritual birth of the shaman and his instruments to their burial.

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