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This book primarily seeks to celebrate and reveal the historic contributions made by the Chitrakars to the tradition of painting in Nepal from the early eleventh century to recent times. The book also includes an essay written by noted art writer and artist Madan Chitrakar, which focuses on the historicity of the art, the artists and the tradition whithin which the arts flourished. It provides valuable insights into the tradition and is an attempt to establish, celebrate the historicity of the Chitrakars as traditional painters.

The author, Madan Chitrakar, is a senior artist and an art- writer based in Kathmandu. As a leading art writer of the country, on many occasions he has taken Nepali Art beyond the borders – through his writings in many prestigious publications abroad – notably in Japan, India and Bangladesh.

Two well acclaimed books ‘Tej Bahadur Chitrakar – Icon of a Transition‘ 2004 and Nepali Art: Issues Miscellany‘ – 2012 remain to his credit, in addition to the numerous writings on Art and Culture in English and Nepali.

Presently, he is associated with Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Fine Arts and Kathmandu University, Center for Art & Design as a member of the respective Subject Committee.

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