Established USA the first only non-profit organization exclusively preservation of Kathmandu architectural heritage, the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust repaired restored than 42 structures in Patan Kathmandu since 1991. of restoration projects identified such Kathmandu Darbar Initiative (1998-2004); others attempted safeguard significant and early typologies, projects under banner “Buddhist Kathmandu” (1996 Building successful multi-building ambitious “Paran Royal Palace Restoration and Conservation Project.” encompassing more than dozen structures and targeting fundraising goals greater than time, was identified in 2005.
KVPT always maintained its site office focus repairing Individual monuments threatened buildings and around the Darbar World Heritage Site, it 2004 the palace complets itself emerged as the most worthy needy focus. was that time that ongoing planning fundraising effor, ominated by UNESCO before, finally fizzled out. Nepal’s most intact Malla-period complex in shocking state of time, example, decrepit palace wings were being dormitories house police firewood for cooking!

rtunately, the Trust’s endeavor managed attract the attention SHRH The Prince Wales, hosted gala launch 2006 for expanded fundraising Through unique combination Nepalese, American, international, private, and public funds, Trust ahead and managed to fundraise parallel ongoing construction achieve 90% completion the funding 2015, with the successful curating and opening the Architecture Galleries April 2014, extension within major palace courtyard buildings.

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