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Lok Chitrakar

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Artist: Lok Chitrakar
Published by MONA


Born into a lineage of traditional artists, Chitrakar made his first complete painting at the age of 12. He seeks to preserve Paubha, an ancient tradition in many ways, and has opened a space for traditional art, where interested candidates can learn the theory as well as a practicum of the subject. Those who have achieved recognition in this field as artists have all been honing their skills since they were young. Chitrakar’s creative development also kicked off in early childhood. It wasn’t a childhood filled with an intense interest in art or a stoked imagination that kicked off the voyage. Instead, he claims that he was destined to be a traditional artist because his family has a history of painting traditional arts. Even though he came from a creative family, he insisted that the stars have to align for him to make it as a professional artist.

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