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Himalayan Singing Bowl – Tuning the Mind, Healing the Body : A Practical Guide to Singing Bowl Healing as Taught by Santa Ratna Shakya Kasa Based on Shakya Kasa Tradition

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Author: Santa Ratna Shakya Kasa, Editor: Salil Subedi
Publisher: Shakya Kasa Research Centre (SKRC), Himalayan Singing Bowl Centre
ISBN: 9788175257665



Shakya Kasa Research Centre (SKRC) is based on a holistic approach to healing a person through the compassionate use of Himalayan Singing Bowls. With meticulously conducted sound healing sessions using the singing bowls, a person can receive a great deal of physical and mental relief and achieve a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Himalayan Singing Bowl sound healing is by and large, a Nepali invention developed in the Kathmanda Valley by a handful of creative masters who combined Vajrayana Buddhist practices of meditation, ancicor Vedic principles tantric ways of chakra interpretations and activation, including some shamanic practices. The Nepali bells and the waghted mini cymbals called the ting-shaw, or Tan in the Newar lnguage, are equally integrated into the singing bowl sound healing tradition. The methods were taught to students from all over the world who either came to Kathmanda to learn from these special masters or attended their international workshops in different continents, Today, those teachings have propagated and advanced, with each student becoming seasoned practitioners and developing their own styles with different names, producing more students around the world, thus setting the course for a big and constantly evolving sound healing method.

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