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Fierce Innocence : The Essential Road Mao for Living LIfe’s Purpose in very Challenging Times, and Helping Others Along the Way

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Paula Horan, Laxmi Dechen Wangmo

ISBN 9789937506724


This book offers a heart-filled and radical departure from the usual self-help books that attempt to assist you by mentally repairing your problems. Fierce Innocence shows you instead, how to drop the “problem” mind itself, the one which sees everything through a filter of fear. In an easy step-by-step process, we learn how to use the ferocious energy of tough love on ourselves, to cut through the habitual clinging to the imaginary fearful one, as Paula conveys her heartfelt and totally practical method for calling your attention to the moment, to the clarity of an open heart, no longer in fear of vulnerability, now able to make the correct decisions about life at a very precarious point in our history. The good news is, and as science now knows, our DNA is more easily changed by our environment, than was previously understood. Your environment is your mind. Change your mind and you will change your world. It is time. And as Paula so aptly illustrates in this book, you (we) can do it! About the AUTHOR: An American psychologist who lives in Asia, a Reiki Master for more than twenty five years, Paula Horan Ph.D. (Laxmi Dechen Wangmo) has adapted the best of the East and West to convey ways to calm the mind and raise the life force energy. Drawing on her considerable experience in the Taoist tradition, Advaita Vedanta and the Vajrayana, she has created a succinct set of instructions for cutting through a mind deluded by the appearance of separation and habituated to fear and chaos, to bring it home to a non-dual awareness, centered in self confidence and grounded in the direct experience of oneness.

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