Dawa Tsering has been teaching Tibetan to students from all over the world for 23 years. He has taught primarily at the Manjushri Center of Tibetan Culture in Darjeeling, India, but has also taught at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute, in Nepal, and to the Indian army. He hopes that this book will help preserve the Tibetan language, both for the world and for the Tibetan community. This book is intended to be the most complete colloquial Tibetan grammar book currently available. Because the colloquial Tibetan language has primarily been a spoken language and has not generally been taught through systematic rules of grammar, many of these Tibetan grammatical structures have never been described before in print. For 23 years, Dawa Tsering has researched both the English and Tibetan language, discovering how hundreds of Tibetan grammatical structures can be expressed in English, and vice versa. This book is the product of his hard work and great love of language.However, Colloquial Tibetan Grammar is not just a reference. It is intended for learning the language, and the examples in this book build on each other so as to reinforce memory retention and learning. It is a wonderful addition to the books available for students and lovers of the Tibetan language.

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