Celebrated Anglo-Nepali writer Greta Rana?s short collection of poems is a selection that has never been published previously. The author began to put them together in late 2007 out of the scraps of notes she found in Castleford and Kathmandu after her father died. A fair number of the poems are about loss and about conflict. The reason for the title is straightforward. In the past of the author?s home town, she had seen many commonalities with the situation in Nepal and some of its people. Nepal never had the distinction of being a developed country but through groups of people it linked in to those violent times in the early 1900s. These groups returned and hoped for change. Change didn?t come but conflict did.

Deeply humane and with the beautiful words, Greta Rana?s new sublime literary work is a valuable addition to the poetic genre and should be of interest for the literary enthusiasts.

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