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Blessing Power of the Buddhas

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Norma Levine

ISBN 9789937506007


This is an excellent, carefully researched book written with exactly the right mixture of accuracy and wonder. It should be of use to seekers everywhere.?۝ Andrew Harvey, author of A Journey in Ladakh and Hidden Journey ???Blessing Power of the Buddhas could be considered a travel guide to the magical in Himalayan Buddhist culture. Full of descriptions and interesting stories, it is obvious that the author is intimate with the land and people of the Himalayan region. Her description of sacred iconography, miracles, relics and holy places provide a wealth of meanings to consider.?۝ Sherap Pelbar, Shambhalla Sun, Boulder, Colorado ???Nuggets of no fools gold riddle the lucid semi-luminous prose of this book, written??? with the healthily sceptical awe of a true disciple.?۝ Tsultrim Allione, The Dzogchen Community Newsletter ???This is an interesting book combining the thrill of physical travel with an inner spiritual journey???.. A sense of wonder and mystery pervades the whole book and there is freshness as well as experience. Her research??? seems thorough. It explores the relationship between physical manifestations of the sacred with inner realisations???There are few books covering this subject in such detail and it will appeal to those interested in iconography as well as the esoteric aspect of Tibetan Buddhism.?۝ Gill Farer-Halls, Buddhism Now

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