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Approaching Dzogchen : According to the Athri Cycle

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Kyabje Menri Tridzin Lungtog

ISBN 9789937733014


This book is an edited transcript of the discourse given by Kyabje Menri Tridzin Lungtog Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche during his visit to Shenten Dargye Ling B?npo centre, France, in 2010. The teachings are based on Athri B?npo Dzogchen cycle and contain clear and lucid instructions on approaching Dzogchen, starting from Preliminary Practices right up to the Introduction to the Natural State of Mind, Dzogchen itself. Kyabje Menri Tridzin Rinpoche?s unique teaching style combines scholastic brilliance and profound personal experience with humour and a knowledge of life?s sometimes harsh realities. This book will be equally useful to all, from those who have just discovered the Yungdrung B?n tradition to academicians and scholars, students and practitioners.

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