ANNAPURNA BLUES is the story of a trek around the world?s 10th highest mountain in 1978. It focuses on the adventures and misadventures of trek leader Jerry Taylor and members of his first trekking group. Set in an era of adventure travel, the novel combines the trekking experience with a gritty tale of redemption and karma in the roadless Himalaya of central Nepal. Humor and empathy mix along the trail of mountain peril. Betrayal and hate walk with trust and love in the mountains known as ?the abode of the gods.? Though the story is fictional, it is based on actual events. There were not so many tourists in those days and the world beyond roads was still in medieval times. People lived in traditional ways, facilities were few and the tourists had just begun to make their mark. Brought together by fate and luck, the members and staff of the trek share secrets and dreams along the trail for 23 days. More is revealed than anyone anticipated, things take an unpredictable turn. It is a story of discovery and survival in the Himalaya.

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