Pad-ma dKar-po’s Amitayus Tradition?opens fresh ground by applying phenomenological research methods to discern transformative aspects of contemplative experience using emic reports elicited directly from contemporary practitioners from the Drukpa tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. After a thorough historical introduction and analytical presentation of the practice text?Tshe dpag med zhi ba lha mangs kyi cho ga ‘chi med ‘dod pa’i re skong nag ‘gros su bkod pa bzhugs so?(Ritual of the abundant peaceful deities of Amitayus satisfying the wishes of those desiring immortality), this work portrays direct experiences of performing Kun-mkyen Pad-ma dKar-po’s 16th c. ritual in a practice tradition attributed to the 12th c. female Indian teacher Siddharaj?i. Preliminary spiritual care and contemplative factor models are presented along with a detailed theoretical process analysis of positive psychospiritual development through the contemplative action of the communally-enacted?mandala?ritual practice.

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