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Over many years I have found that Vajra Books has been able to supply me with many of the books I need and they have been efficient and quick in dealing with requests. When visiting Nepal it is always a pleasure to see Bidur-La in person and to hear about the range of new publications and to see at first hand, his enthusiasm for the publishing work he does. And sometimes the books I order actually arrive home before we do - Bidur's team is highly skilled at sending heavy orders the cheapest and best way. I have no qualms about recommending Vajra Books to anyone who wants to buy great books online or in person.

David Templeman

Before my last journey to Nepal, I ordered some difficult to find books... Well, when I visit the Bookstore, all of them was waiting for me! The team there is the best! Thanks!

Michel Morin

Vajra Books is my favorite source for dharma books, both Buddhist and especially Bon. The selection is extensive and the quality of the books is excellent. Ordering is simple and delivery is timely. Highly recommended!

Gerald Heikes

Very pleased with your excellent service. Ordered a difficult to get hold of book. Personally replied to my email and phone call. Book arrived by Air Mail within 5 days. Brilliant Store, better than ordering from USA to UK - lovely people to deal with. Many thanks indeed!


Bidur's Vajra books, the best bookstore in KTM: BRAVO BIDUR!!

Amy Heller

Kathmandu is a town of books. Book shops are all around. One excels: Vajra Books. You find rarities and the latest publications, mainly in international languages. A feast for anyone who is a book lover. If you are not a resident, they send you books anywhere in the world with efficiency and promptness. Their service is irreprehensible. Vajra Books is a publishing house, too. Vajra Books publish scholarly works, pictorial volumes, essays of various kinds, narrative, maps and more. If you are an author, you may work with the owner. It all began in 1985. Bidur Dangol, a teenager by then, was selling books from a small metal stall in front of the Pumpernickel in Thamel. I first met him then, a friend and a companion in literary appreciation. Now it’s an outstanding centre for the literati. Keep Vajra precious!

Roberto Vitali

Vajra Books is my go to number one gem of a researcher's dream bookstore of esoteric and rare titles. Bidur, the owner, is very informed about recent work and is friendly and always helpful. A visit to Vajra Books will absolutely enrich your experience and expand your knowledge of the magical Himalayas and beyond!

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