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Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary being the reverse of the 19 volumes of the Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary

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Author: Lokesh Chandra


The Sanskrit-Tibetan Dictionary is the first lexicographical work to provide the Tibetan equivalents or correspondences of Buddhist Sanskrit words, technical terms, and phrases. It is the reverse of the 19 volumes of the Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary. It has 70,000 vocabulary entries in densely printed 800 three-column pages. It includes words and compounds from sutras (like the Kasyapa-parivasta, Samadhiraja, Suvarna-prabhasa, Lankavatara), from Avatamsaka texts (like the Dasa-bhumika, Bhadracari, Bhadrakalpika), from the Prajnaparamita treatise (like Abhisamay-alankara, Ratna-guna-sancaya-gatha), from Vinaya discipline (Pravrajiya, Kathina-vastu), from laudatory hymns (like Nama-sangiti, Sragdhara-stotra), from Tantras (like Hevaraja, Kalacakra), from lexicons (Mahavyutpatti, Amarakosa), terms of poetics from the Kavyadarsa, from the drama Nagananda, from kavyas (like Megha-duta, Buddha-carita, Avadana-kalpalata of ksemendra), from manuals of logic (Nyaya-bindu, Nyaya-pravesa, Hetu-tattv-opadesa), technical terms of medicine from the Astanga-hrdaya-samhita, and the names of Buddhist deities in various Tibetan and Mongolian xylographic albums. It covers the immense literary, philosophical, cosmological, religious, poetic, dramatic, logical and medical terminology of the Buddhist evolution over thirteen centuries in Tibetan, Mongolia, Kalmykia and Buryatia. The entire gamut of Buddhist thought and practice, art and meditation, scholastic and literary development are covered by this Dictionary in a comprehensive manner. It is a work that should be on the desk of every scholar of Buddhism. A Sine qua kon for Buddhology in all its incarnations.