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Dictionary of Tibetan Materia Medica

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Author: Pasang Yonten Arya


Dictionary of Tibetan Materia Medica is the first dictionary of its kind. All the entries are arranged in Tibetan alphabetical order which will enable the readers to find the names of medicinal ingredients easily. Inclusion in the main entry, of different names of medicinal ingredients such as names derived from foreign languages, synonym, secret and poetical names will prove extremely useful for identification. Description of every medicinal ingredient and information on their tastes, powers and uses are also given according to some of the most popular texts. This dictionary was first published in Tibetan in 1994. In this English version the translator and editor, Dr. Yonten Gyatso, has given Latin names of almost all the medicines. Moreover, this English edition is a much improved and enlarged version over its Tibetan one. It has over 3,000 main entries. Most of the materials are compiled from Sel gori sel phren, the most famous text on Tibetan Pharmacopoeia, and from Rin chen khruns dpe, one of the oldest and most reliable texts. Therefore, for the non-Tibetan readers this dictionary presents materials from the above texts which are translated for the first time into English. This dictionary, with its many special features, will be of immense use and value for students, research scholars, doctors and pharmacologists of Tibetan medicine, and for ethno-botanists.