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Himalayan region

Memories of Life in Lhasa Under Chinese Rule

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Author: Matthew Akester


Born in 1941, Tubten Khétsun is a nephew of the Gyatso Tashi Khendrung, one of the senior government officials taken prisoner in the Tibetan peoples uprising of March 10, 1959. Khétsun himself was arrested while defending the Dalai Lamas summer palace, and after serving a four-year sentence, he spent close to two decades in Lhasa as a requisitioned laborer and class enemy. In this eloquent autobiography, Khétsun describes what it was like to live under Maoist rule. His account is one of the most dispassionate, detailed, and readable firsthand descriptions yet published of daily life in Tibet under the Communist occupation. Khétsun talks of his prison experiences as well as the state of civil society following his release, and offers keenly observed accounts of well-known events, like the birth of the Cultural Revolution, and lesser-known aspects of the period. Since China continues to occupy Tibet, the facts of this era remain obscure. Khétsuns story is a careful evocation of the everyday hardships Tibetans suffered under a shockingly brutal regime and will captivate any reader seeking a refreshingly human account of those troubled years.