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Kailash Yatra A Long Walk to Mount Kailash Through Humla

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Author: Kevin Bubriski And Abhimanyu Pandey


Mount Kailash is a holy mountain on the western edge of the Tibetna Plateau in China. Over recent Decades, This eerily Symmetrical mountain, holy to Bonpos, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, animists and New Age Seekers, has emerged as a globally important site for pilgrimage and tourism. It lies close to the point where the borders of north India and Western Nepal meet China. What is relatively little known is the central role of communities residing in these regions in the proximity of Kailash.

In the Monsoon of 2016, an international team of social scientists, artists, and members of the local community underlook a difficult 300 kilometer long trek from distric Humla, western Nepal, into the Tibetan Autonomous region, China. The aim was to documentand understand the contemporary rhythms of livelihood, material culture and perceptions of the sacred among the communities living along an ancient southern route to mount Kailash, Which had been in use for transborder trade and pilgrimage for centuries. This book, studded with lush photographs, brings to life several individuals and scenes encountered during this expendition stories of the past, of change, of aspirations, and the sheer beauty and vulnerabilities of life in one of the least accessible but most sacred coeners of the World.