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Chinas Tibet Autonomy or Assimilation

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Author: Chinas Tibet?: Autonomy or Assimilation


This groundbreaking book explores Chinas efforts to assimilate Tibet, in the process rewriting Tibetan history to conform to its own goals. Warren W. Smith argues that Beijing fears that any genuine autonomy or dialogue with the Dalai Lama will fuel renewed nationalism in Chinas Tibet, as the leadership calls its possession. Highlighting Chinas past and current propaganda on Tibet, the book demonstrates Chinas sensitivity regarding the legitimacy of its rule. In the absence of any solution, Smith advocates promoting Tibets right to self-determination as the most viable strategy for sustaining international attention and maintaining the most essential elements of Tibetan national identity. This thoroughly informed work will be valuable not only to Tibet experts and students, but also to the larger world of Tibet activists, sympathizers, and others attempting to understand Chinas policies.