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Himalayan region

Nepalese Shamanism Essays on Tamang and Tibetan Shamanism

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Author: Larry G. Peters


Result of lifetimes researches in the Himalayas, Trance is a meticulous study exploring the hidden terrains of Tamang and Tibetan Shamanism. An exquisite fusion of creative writing and anthropological research, the book evaluates the relevance of shamanic practices in a modern-day Nepal. Divided into four major sections, Trance opens with a study of phenomenology of Shamanism as a spiritual discipline. Shamanism, Dr. Peters claims, is humankinds first mystical tradition. It is a cross – cultural phenomenon. Shamans were the first to explore the inner space in a disciplined way. Shamanism, he adds, overlaps with, and is at the origin of other younger spiritual traditions, like Yoga, Vipasana and Tantra which had continued the development of the disciplines of spiritual transformation. The shamans mystical path, in Dr. Peters words, is an archetype, a universal pattern. It is not a prehistoric or a dead artifact but a living fossil possessing the same vital psychological foundation as later mystical traditions.