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Dan Kviksota / Don Quixote

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Author: Cervantes , Dragomir Dimitrov , Shrikant Bahulkar


Translated from English into Sanskrit by Jagaddhar Zadoo & Nityanand Shastri
Introduced and edited by Dragomir Dimitrov
With a reprint of the English translation by Charles Jarvis and
An audio recording of the Sanskrit text by Shrikant Bahulkar

Pune Indological Series, vol. III
Hardcover, cx, 292 pp.
21 illustrations in colour and halftone
Incl. audiobook (Total time: 5h 28min)

The present book contains a modern Sanskrit translation of eight chapters from the First Part of Cervantes’s monumental Don Quijote. At the suggestion of the American accountant and book collector Carl Tilden Keller (1872–1955) and with the mediation of the British explorer Sir Marc Aurel Stein (1862–1943) from November 1935 until August 1936 Pandit Nityanand Shastri (1874–1942) and Pandit Jagaddhar Zadoo (1890–1981) translated chapters I.2, I.3, I.8, I.10, I.16, I.17, I.18, and I.23 of Don Quijote. For this purpose the two Kashmiri scholars did not use the Spanish original, but rather the English translation by Charles Jarvis (c. 1675–1739) prepared in the first half of the eighteenth century and edited by the British Hispanist James Fitzmaurice-Kelly (1858–1923) in 1907 for the Oxford World’s Classics series. In this book both the Sanskrit translation and the corresponding parts of Jarvis’s English version are printed on facing pages. The Sanskrit text, typeset with a newly produced historical reconstruction of a Nagari typeface designed by the German critic, translator, poet, and Sanskritist August Wilhelm von Schlegel (1767–1845), has been edited on the basis of a unique manuscript which was written in Kashmir in the winter of 1936/37 and is now kept at the Houghton Library of Harvard University, USA. This publication includes an overview of the reception of Cervantes’s classic in India, as well as a detailed study of the fascinating history of the Sanskrit translation of Don Quijote and its still unedited partial rendering in Kashmiri. The printed book is accompanied by an audiobook containing the recording of the entire Sanskrit text read by Prof. Shrikant Bahulkar in Pune in 2017/18.