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Unleasing Nepal Past, Present and Future of the Economy

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Author: Sujeev Shakya


The past decade has been an eventful one for Nepal. It has featured thwarted attempts at democracy, a royal massacre and a coup, and finally, Maoist guerrillas coming over ground, winning a popular electoral mandate and ending the centuries-old institution of monarchy. Unleashing Nepal has been written at a time when many fundamental questions on economic rights are being raised by an ever more assertive citizenry. It narrates the chequered history of the Nepal economy—from the time of unification, through decades of autocracy, mixed economy and foreign aid dependence, to the conflictonomics of the Maoist guerrilla war and a remittance economy driven by the labour of the Nepali diaspora. Unleashing Nepal will also tell the stories of figures who are a crucial part of Nepals economic life— the night watchman in India or Dubai, the selfish aristocrat of the past, the foreign aid worker and the modestly venal government servant. More unusually, the reader will also read about Nepali youth with global desires and resourceful village communities who manage electricity while Kathmandu contends with darkness. Acclaimed columnist and business executive Sujeev Shakya unflinchingly examines the squandered opportunities of the past, but also, importantly, looks at Nepal as a potential Asian Tiger. This dream is shown to be a real possibility, given Nepals rich cultural heritage, its unparalleled hydropower potential, its advantageous location between economic giants India and China and its massive population of youth and migrant workers.