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Himalayan region

Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS): Vol.12, No.2 December 2007

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Author: Pratyoush Onta, Mark Liechty, Seira Tamang, Tatsuro Fujikura


Is Nepal in South Asia? The Condition of Non-Postcoloniality    207
Mary Des Chene
Nepali Modernities and Postmodernities: Theater, Culture and Politics    225
Sanjeev Uprety
Reflections on the Social Embeddedness of S&T in Rural and Agricultural 
Transformations: Learning from Positive Experiences of Poverty Reduction 
and Social Inclusion in Nepal 251
Stephen D. Biggs
(Rule of) Law, Justice and the Legal Process: A Case Study of 
a Land Dispute in Nepal    283
Rajendra Pradhan
Dramas for Social Change: Theatre for Development or 
the Development of the Theatre?    321
Monica Mottin