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Himalayan region

Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS): Vol. 13 No. 2 December 2008

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Author: Pratyoush Onta, Mark Liechty, Seira Tamang, Tatsuro Fujikura


Structures of Denial: Student Representation in Nepal’s Higher Education 235 
Pramod Bhatta, Lila Adhikari, Manu Thada, and Ramesh Rai 
‘We Women have to Get Married off’: Obedience, Accommodation, and Resistance in the Narrative of a Yolmo Woman from Nepal 265 
Seika Sato 
‘The Business Nursing Complex’:
Understanding Nursing Training in Nepal 297

Radha Adhikari 
The Changes in Cultural Practices and Identities of a Nepali Musician Caste: The Gandharbas from Wandering Bards to Travelling Musicians 325
Izumi Morimoto 
From Subjects to Citizens: The Formative Stage of Political Formations in Pokhara 351 
Lokranjan Parajuli