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Himalayan region

Towards a Nonviolent Mind

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Author: Ravindra Varma , Anna Alomes


How can we reduce the violent going on around us and lead happier more meaningful lives? What can we do to change a fearful or anxious state of mind into one that is relaxed, happy and compassionate in order to benefit ourselves and others?
In this book, the authors provide impressive answers and practical solution to these questions. By bringing forward the combined 20-year work of Western Scientists and Tibetan Meditatiors (including the Mind & Life group lead by H.H. The Dalai Lama). Cutting edge research is offered for transforming the mind from a negative to a positive state.
The author provide an engaging picture of the problems facing us in today’s society like the fear and threat of terrorism, and the broader social concerns of damage to the environment and declining standards of living.